Director Cinematographer
The kids were the film team on this one, 17 multi age home schooled kids joined a service learning project to make a film about their hometown. They didn't really care about "marketing" their town, what they chose to do was tell little stories about what they liked doing. The best part was premiering the 75 min film at the cinema and seeing the kids react to themselves up on the silver screen.

What a night.
an educational experiment
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This clip won some nice recognition. It was chosen as a
"Top 20 ALL TIME Vimeo"

It's a clip with some personality and it secured a small budget from the Federal LSA/Americorps and The Unity Foundation.

TRT 2:40 Min
Film Opening.
My homage to Francois Truffaut's SMALL CHANGE, a film I admire. This clip evokes the optimism of a very special day for every kid..

TRT 3:00 Min
The Muck

The kids in this project helped write their scenes- and this kid totally wrote this one. It started out as standard doc coverage but then took a hard verge into 7 year old magic land.
TRT 4:40 Min
Cinema Playtime.

Another scene with Sam. I really enjoyed working with him. Often it was just the two of us while his mom Andrea and Ruthie M kinda chatted and enjoyed the summer weather.

TRT 3:40 Min
more clips coming may/june 2011
Early Exposure Documentary
the making of time for belfast (temp links while relaunching)