Director Cinematographer
This is the hard stuff to find, the footage that is in some old box in storage, It's hard to put online to screen cause it's technically rough. no budget, shot on short ends and printed at the bargain lab. Awesome!

Soon after shooting brakeboy my car was broken into and they stole my R-16 beaulieu camera, which they we're very welcome too (back focus issues and all) but they also got all my Switar prime lenses - including the 10mm.

Arrg, I miss that lens!

You should have heard the audience halloo opening night at the New Orleans fest when brakeboy first played in public. For all it's many flaws this is Cinema. Just a story in mid air. Starring my son, Zander the flying brakeman and the Lakeview gang.

I actually heard this story sitting around an editing room in Nola. You can't make this stuff up. I told the guy right after I was done laughing. "I'm gonna turn that into a short film."
Total cost of production? $937. That's Independent.

TRT 10:20 min
indie cinema
I cut this out of a longer clip because I like the acting (that's Ron the director on the bike) and I like my handheld here.
TRT :30 sec
A scene here from a doc unit that catches me setting up a tricky shot. It's part of a chase scene and I noticed a fence I could shoot through while running with cam to magnify the shutter effect and add something visually.

TRT :40 sec