Director Cinematographer
QUEST is a scientific tv series known as New England's NOVA. It aired originally on pbs stations across New England and is now picked up nationally by NETA. I was hired as the Series DP to create a cohesive look across the separate episodes shot by three separate field crews. The first thing I did was design and prototype a light box for the interview backgrounds, It projected 35mm slides silently behind the subject and could be set up in a small hotel room in 10 minutes. It looked good and wound up saving production money, We could interview 10 people in one day, in one room and have it play as 10 separate locations. The travel and time savings were substantial. Shooting 35mm transparencies with my Nikon added a creative option and got the producer and dp working together on the look in a new way. See the projector in use for yourself below in the "interview" clip.
QUEST clips
This is my favorite segment from 3 years on the show. Credit Anita Clearfield, Producer (and great buddy) for finding this story. As you'll see the location for this interview may be a first...
TRT 5 Min
Here are the QUEST interviews using my lightbox design. I went with 35mm slides after testing digital vs. film. It all boiled down to color temperature. The film was consistent and digital was more difficult to balance camera to. This is why we needed the box- to blimp the sound of the fan, The real trick was keeping the small box cool with a 600 degree projector bulb that wanted to melt the slide in 60 seconds- let alone a 2 hour interview!
TRT 90 secs
Some extended QUEST segments hard cut together to show the b-roll coverage and lensing style for the series.
TRT 6 Min